Aksaray: A City Valued by the Silk Road

Event or Heritage: 
The commercial background of Aksaray dates back to the Assyrian Trade Colonies. However, the city gained importance with its role in the Silk Road during the reign of the Seljuks. Then, the roads to Konya and Antalya Port where the products brought from the East and transferred to Europe were passing through Aksaray. In addition to its importance on the Silk Road, Aksaray has fourteen kilometers-long Ihlara Valley within its borders, longest trekking route of Cappadocia. Ihlara Valley is located on a route full of natural beauties and historical pieces. Magnificent natural landscapes and the civic architecture like ancient churches turn the valley into a unique place to spend pleasant time.
Type of heritage: 
Tangible (monuments, buildings, architecture, landscapes)
Silk road connection: 
located on Silk Road
Name of the Organization: 
Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Type of the Organizer: 
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Aksaray Aksaray
38° 22' 7.0536" N, 34° 1' 46.92" E
Aksaray Aksaray
38° 22' 7.0536" N, 34° 1' 46.92" E