Ancient town of Abdera

Event or Heritage: 
Abdera was a significant historical, economic, commercial and cultural center in the current Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, with numerous arts and crafts, works of stone, clay and bronze, mosaics, jewelry, unique urban architecture. The existence of two ports and the overland route linking the Aegean coastline with the inner land of Thrace, contributed to the commercial and economic prosperity of Abdera. The area had autonomous coinage revealing the strong economy and commercial trade in the wider region. Abderian coins were found near the Nile Delta, Persepolis, indicating the extent of the city’s export trade. The archaeological site of Abdera is situated between the Nestos River and Vistonida Lake and is famous for its mythical foundation attributed to Hercules himself, who founded this Greek polis (city) on behalf of his fallen friend - Abderus. The ruins of the city may still be seen covering small hills and extend from the Eastern to the Western harbor. The archaeological site of Abdera has been known as ‘Land of Beauty and Contemplation’, dating from the Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic periods. It is one of the most noteworthy heritage sites along the Silk Road in Greece.
Type of heritage: 
Tangible (monuments, buildings, architecture, landscapes)
Silk road connection: 
Archaeological site related to the Silk Road
Name of the Organization: 
Greek National Tourism Organization
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40° 58' 50.664" N, 24° 57' 14.2308" E