Craftsmanship of Kubachi

Event or Heritage: 
Dagestani village Kubachi became widely known thanks to the development of many traditional crafts there. The people of Kubachi are known as skilled jewelers. Historically, they were engaged in weapons making and lived on the income from their sales. They crafted weapons (swords, bows, knives, daggers), chain armors, helmets as well as copper utensils and others. The first mention of Kubachi by Arab historians is in IX-XII centuries, who called the area Zirehgeran or Zerekeran, which means "Chain-armor masters" (Ali Al-Masoudi X century, Abu Hamid Andalusi XII century.)
Type of heritage: 
Intangible (traditions, celebrations, festivals, storytelling, gastronomy, carnivals, markets)
Silk road connection: 
Local craftsmanship
Name of the Organization: 
Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation
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Kubachi knife set


Kubachi 42° 5' 3.7356" N, 47° 36' 14.0004" E