Event or Heritage: 
Kelaghayi, a symbol of social cohesion, is an expression of cultural identity and religious tradition in Azerbaijan. This emblem of beauty, grace and honor has a special and valuable place in the eyes of Azerbaijani women. Kelaghayi with its silky material and four-cornered shape is an integral part of women's national costume in Azerbaijan. For centuries, it protected Azerbaijani women both in hot summer and cold winter. Kelaghayis differ in color, design and size. By means of these headscarves, one could interpret the status of a woman. Unmarried girls covered their heads with Kelaghayis of bright colors, while dark colored Kelaghayis were designed only for older women. Women changed Kelaghayis for particular events as well. For instance, the bride would wear a bright red scarf and her face was covered. Ancient Azerbaijani cities such as Ganja, Shamakhi, Sheki, and Nakhchivan, and Basqal settlement of the Ismayilli region are famous for high quality Kelaghayi production. Tradition of Kelaghayi making can be observed in Sheki city and Basqal settlement which is also known for its Silk Center and Kelaghayi Museum, where visitors can learn everything about this ancient art.
Type of heritage: 
Intangible (traditions, celebrations, festivals, storytelling, gastronomy, carnivals, markets)
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Azerbaijani traditional silk scarf
Name of the Organization: 
Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan
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