Soufli - The silk town of Greece

Event or Heritage: 
Built amphiteatrically in Evros valley, Soufli is a unique “silk town” of Greece, also famous for its wine, distillate called tsipouro and delicatessen as well as for its rich tradition and cultural heritage. The silk production units, known as “koukoulospita", which can be found throughout the town, indicate the depth of the Silk industry here. The Silk Museum in Soufli is the place where you can re-discover the history of silk over time beginning from China where it was accidentally discovered in 3,000 B.C. until the present days, the stages of silkworm and cocoon breeding, the history of prosperity and decline of sericulture in Soufli.
Type of heritage: 
Tangible (monuments, buildings, architecture, landscapes)
Silk road connection: 
Silk production, silk museum
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Soufli - The silk town of Greece Soufli
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