The Spice Route Initiative by Kerala Tourism

The UNWTO Silk Road Programme strives to develop sustainable, responsible and internationally competitive tourism along 31 countries connected to this ancient route. The Spice route takes motivation from this success story. Since 600 BC the Spice Route created options for global interactions and at certain times even war. The Spice Route Initiative works to establish itself as a symbol of peace and camaraderie by bringing places and people of the world closer. It is an effort to reconnect Countries and Ports, Stories and Histories and to create a journey which will give the traveler the heritage of the past and the flavours of the present. The Spice Route Initiative intends to follow the route which once existed between the countries and to bring back the cultural rapport which used to exist and become a cultural rendezvous.

In the year 2000, various archaeological traces were unearthed at the village of Pattanam (near Cranganore) in Kerala.  This led to the Union Government of India and the State Government of Kerala joining hands to create the Muziris Heritage Project (MHP). Muziris, an ancient port of Kerala where the West met the East, used to be one of the most flourishing ports of the world until it was wiped away by earthquakes and flood. Now, MHP-one of the biggest conversation projects in the history of India, attempts to protect a culture of over 3000 years. Various international guidelines such as the UNESCO charters on heritage conservation, the NARA document on Authenticity, ICOMOS charters, etc. shall be followed during the process of excavation, keeping in mind the importance of sustainability and the inclusion of the local communities in the process. The Spice Route Initiative intends to use the MHP as a platform for its activities.

Pallipuram Fort at Muziris       Jewish Synagogue at Muziris                                         

The 5 main goals of the Spice Route Initiative are to:

  • Connect all 31 countries of Asia, Far East, Africa and Europe
  • Work for Protection and Promotion of Heritage Cities/Sites in Spice Route Countries
  • Create ‘One Destination’ to trigger voyages and excursions for the traveler
  • Use Spice Route as a platform to work for Peace in and around the regions of the Route
  • Partner with UNWTO Silk Road Programme to create a synergy between the two concepts for marketing and promotion, destination management and travel facilitation

Additional information:

  • For more information on the Spice Route Initiative, click here.


Kottapuram backwaters near Muziris