The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) supporting the International Trade Center (ITC) in promoting the Kayah State of Myanmar at ITB Berlin

08 Feb 16

With the support of UNWTO, the International Trade Center (ITC) will be organizing a series of events at ITB Berlin 2016. Aimed at showcasing the tourism potential of Myanmar, the events will also seek to develop business partnerships among representatives of the travel trade. A special emphasis will be placed on Kayah State, a region in the east of Myanmar which is home to an outstanding natural and cultural heritage.

International tourist arrivals to Myanmar have rapidly increased over recent years, from 2 million in 2013 to an estimated 5 million in 2015. Such a surge in traveller awareness and interest not only reflects the increased openness and interconnectedness of the South-east Asian region, but also a shift in the mentality and pattern of the global traveller, to whom sustainability, authenticity and inclusive development have become key factors determining their choice of destination.

To learn more about the Myanmar events taking place at ITB Berlin 2016, please visit the event website

Official Press Release issued by the Myanmar Tourism Federation and the International Trade Centre (ITC)

Background information:

The events at ITB Berlin are being organized within the scope of the “NTF III Myanmar: Inclusive Tourism focussing on Kayah State” project. Implemented by ITC, and funded by the Centre for Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI), an agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, the project aims to enhance job creation and socio-economic development in Myanmar through an inclusive tourism approach. To benefit the local industry and communities, the project works towards three main objectives:

  • To increase the export capacities of SMEs and local suppliers of goods and services
  • To strengthen tourism related associations in Yangon and Kayah State, and
  • To facilitate and expand business linkages and technical partnerships

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