Georgian traditional winemaking

Event or Heritage: 
Georgia has been known as a country of grapes and wine since ancient times. Traditional Georgian wine is hardly imaginable without a Qvevri vessel. The history of making wine in traditional qvevri vessels has existed thousands of years and is still being practiced today. Qvevri wine is unique for its rich chemical composition, its distinctive bouquet and taste and for its nutritional and curative qualities. The ancient Georgian traditional qvevri winemaking method is one of the country’s cultural achievements and treasures which has changed little since its formation. Wine has a crucial place in social interactions in Georgia, playing a role in the traditional hospitality of the country and facilitating friendship and good will. The qvevri winemaking tradition can be found throughout Georgia in rural as well as urban areas and the people consider it to be the most important attribute of their cultural identity. The various qvevri winemaking methods were defined by factors such as soil or climatic conditions, the rich variety of endemic vines and differences between micro-zones in Georgia. Wine was one of the important commodities that was transported and commerced through the ancient Silk Road. It´s possible that it´s how the techniques of winemaking spread from one country to other.
Type of heritage: 
Intangible (traditions, celebrations, festivals, storytelling, gastronomy, carnivals, markets)
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Traditional winemaking
Name of the Organization: 
Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia
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