Kayseri: A 4000 Year Old Commercial Hub

Event or Heritage: 
Kayseri has been a commercial hub throughout history dating back to Assyrian Trade Colonies. 4000 years ago, the goods and products brought from Mesopotamia were marketed in Karum of Kayseri, the first organized commercial centre of the world. The city was of crucial importance for the Silk Road during the Seljuk and Ottoman eras and is still a lively commercial centre today. Buildings from the Ottoman Period like Grand Bazaar, Vezir Han and Bedesten still operate as marketplaces. Caravanserais, madrasahs, domes and mosques are worth seeing in the city.
Type of heritage: 
Tangible (monuments, buildings, architecture, landscapes)
Silk road connection: 
located on Silk Road
Name of the Organization: 
Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Type of the Organizer: 


Kayseri Kayseri
Kayseri Kayseri