Task Force

The Silk Road Task Force ensures that all Member States are duly represented and have the opportunity to provide input into the Programme.

The Task Force group is also responsible for:

  • Providing timely feedback on UNWTO Silk Road programme strategies and action plans
  • Discuss and endorse the Silk Road Action Plan
  • Ensure the coordinated implementation of the Action Plan, including strategies for immediate and longer-term action
  • Promote coherent and coordinated messaging and information sharing
  • Share and exchange know-how and best practices

Following Member States have nominated a Silk Road Task Force Representative (as of February 2017, enlisted Member States are grouped according to UNWTO's organizational structure):

Silk Road Task Force Meetings:

If you would like to know who your local representative is, or if you would like to apply to join the Silk Road Task Force, please contact us under: silkroad@unwto.org