Western Silk Road Research

The first phase of the UNWTO/EU Western Silk Road Tourism Development Initiative is focused on the Research of the potential of the Western Silk Road and publication of the Handbook for development of the Western Silk Road.

The research examines the potential of Western Silk Road tourism development, studies existing usage of the Silk Road identity, audits connections through tangible and intangible heritage in key destinations and develop concepts to strengthen the use of the Silk Road Brand to bring benefits.

The Handbook assesses the potential of a Western Silk Road tourism and provide an overview of promising Western Silk Road tourism segments, such as available sites and local heritage along with tools to enable both the private and public sector to use the Silk Road identity within tourism development and marketing. 

For this phase, the research methods employed include: Semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders, Focus Groups from micro to macro level, and National SWOT analyses in cooperation with Universities from Western Silk Road countries.

Western Silk Road Toursim Intelligence creation:

As part of the research, universities significantly contributed by conducting National SWOT Analyses on the Silk Road tourism potential of their country. Below you can find the available studies:

1. Armenia

Institute of economics and business, Russian-Armenian University (EN)

Armenian Institute of Tourism 

2 Greece

3. Italy

University of Bologna (EN)

4. Russia

People's Frienship University of Russia (EN) 

People´s Friendship University of Russia (RU)