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Тенденции в области туризма на Шелковом пути 2017 г., TripAdvisor (Трипадвизор)
Тенденции в области туризма на Шелковом пути 2017 г., TripAdvisor (Трипадвизор)
How to source Japan – A major Market for the Silk Road How to source Japan – A major Market for the Silk Road
The Silk Road Travel Forum with its theme “How to Source Japan - A Major Market for the Silk Road” was held in Kyoto, Japan on 21 February 1998, gathering together many tourism ministers and senior officials of national tourism administrations and tour operators from the Silk Road countries and the...
Silk Road Tourism – Current Issues
This publication is the result of the Third International Meeting on the Silk Road, held in Tbilisi, Georgia from 2-5 November 1998. It offers reports, recommendations, and papers presented on the development of tourism services along the Silk Road. It also includes special information on the...
Study on Visa Facilitation in the Silk Road Countries
Study on Visa Facilitation in the Silk Road Countries is an in-depth study to analyse visa procedures and other facilitation regulations in force in the countries involved in the Silk Road Project. It provides a set of recommendations on country by country basis to bridge the gap between visa...
A Strategic Approach to Visa Facilitation in the Silk Road Countries
The study includes analysis of existing visa procedures and other formalities in the Silk Road countries, based on the results of a survey of the corresponding embassies and consulates. The results of the survey leads to a comparative analysis on the various rules, regulations and procedures...
Tourism Pearls of the Silk Road
This publication was published as part of the UNWTO, UNDP and UNCTAD project of ¨Silk Road Initiative¨. The aim of the publication is to familiarize the reader with the immense variety and high quality of the Silk Road tourism resources located in China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and...
The Silk Road
The Silk Road brochure was published by UNWTO in 2006. It presents a mosaic of tourism products, sites and attractions of the Silk Road region as a whole, with the objective of contributing to a better knowledge of its tourism potential. THE SILK ROAD (Brochure 2006)
UNCTAD - Investment Guide to the Silk Road
The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has published many relevant documents on the Silk Road, most notably the Investment Guide to the Silk Road (2009). This Guide, apart from providing readers with comprehensive introductory information, offers a detailed outline of the...
Experience the Silk Road Ministers' Summit - ITB Berlin 2011
On 9 March 2011, Ministers, Ambassadors and high-ranking officials from over 20 countries met at ITB Berlin at the first annual UNWTO Silk Road Ministers’ Summit to discuss the challenges and opportunities for Silk Road tourism development.Organized by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and...
Introduction to the Silk Road Programme
The UNWTO Silk Road Programme is a collaborative initiative designed to enhance sustainable tourism development along the historic Silk Road route. It aims to maximize the benefits of tourism development for local Silk Road communities, while stimulating investment and promoting the conservation of...