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UNWTO's Silk Road initiative functions as a collaborative platform designed to enhance sustainable tourism development along the historic Silk Road routes. The initiative aims to maximize the benefits of tourism development for local Silk Road communities, while stimulating investment and promoting the conservation of the route's natural and cultural heritage. Additionally, it is working to foster greater co- operation between Silk Road countries and regions, with the established aim of creating a seamless and memorable Silk Road travel experience.

On this website you will find information on our key activities, our Silk Road member states and tourism partners, as well information concerning key Silk Road events and conferences


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06 Aug 19
UNWTO at the 4th Silk Road International Cultural Expo
Mr. Zhu Shanzhong, UNWTO Executive Director, was one of the main speakers at the opening ceremony of the 4th Silk Road International Cultural Expo 2019, a month-long event held throughout the Gansu...
24 May 19
Tajikistan to host a 2019 International Tourism Forum and Exhibition
               The Committee of Tourism Development under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan will host the 2019 International Tourism Forum and...
18 Apr 19
My Dear Kyrgyzstan - a film by Alex Pritz and Noam Argov
  Emil is a social media-obsessed entrepreneur in one of the most remote placed on earth: an abandoned Soviet mining village in the mountains of eastern Kyrgyzstan. Tracing his roots to the...
08 Mar 19
Silk Road Events successfully held at ITB Berlin 2019
  Generously supported by ITB Berlin, the Technical Cooperation and Silk Road Department successfully hosted two events at this year's ITB Berlin. The 9th UNWTO Silk Road Ministers Meeting on...
28 Feb 19
New Release: The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road publication is now available!
The Technical Cooperation and Silk Road Department is pleased to announce the release of the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road: Tourism Opportunities and Impacts", a publication developed by UNWTO...